Thursday, April 29, 2010

WIBIJ - Prizes this time!

Heather, Jon, and Tina at Where in the Blogosphere is Jon are at it again. And this time, they're offering Prizes. Cue the movie music.

I've played a couple of times and have discovered a few great new writer's resources and cool writer-ly types in the process. Not to mention the fact that the Trio are very cool. And hip. And they all have cool blogs of their own.


So, May 5. WIBIJ. Be there. Or be...not cool.
Unless you have to work. Or take a child to the dentist for another filling. Then, come late.


Ann Marie Wraight said...

YEP! They are all that and more Kris!

I have to work during the fast game but I'm going to pop by later wearing my second best tutu!

C U there!

Kris said...

Yeah, I think I'll be late, too, Ann Marie. Better late than never! Can't wait to see the tutu!

Tina Laurel Lee said...

Things are different here! I like it!
And your cool. And thank you so much for the plug. And the long time Wibbage support!

Tina Laurel Lee said...

Oooops, you're cool.

Kris said...

Thanks Tina! I've got a busy day on Wednesday - not sure I'm going to make it! But I'll try to check in late.

Heather Kelly said...

Kris--the blog is looking SWEET! I hope you make it to WIBIJ--it's a party over there! (It's still rockin' and rollin'!!)

Thanks so much for the plug for the our great big book giveaway game!!

Kris said...

Thanks Heather! I've been working on it! The clues were hard this week - I felt wicked cool that I actually finished it!