Friday, April 9, 2010


I read someone's blog about multi-tasking this week. I can't remember who...

I've been furiously working on revisions for my YA WIP -- I'm up to Chapter 5 (not very fast I know). And then, suddenly (though not unexpected), the editor I'm working with on a freelance project returned it with revision notes. Screeching halt on the WIP - because paying work comes before unpaid work!

Complete brain twist! Non-fiction fourth grade level very different than "cuspy" YA novel. (Don't know cuspy? Think tween.)

But I'm a writer...and I can multi-task...


Aubrie said...

I recently wrote about how I juggle multiple writing projects. I think it's a good thing to have lots of buns in the oven! I like the word cupsy :)

Matthew Rush said...

Congratulations! It sounds like a necessary evil that's really not bad at all.

That sounds great to get to step away from your project to get paid to write. Unfortunately I have to step away from my project to work at my crappy job.

Thanks for sharing Kristine.

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Kris said...

It was Aubrie who had that blog this week! Thanks for the reminder!

Matthew, it's awesome to paid to write. I have a job "in real life" that often gets in the way of my writing (paid and unpaid)...something has to pay the bills...