Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wish List of Programs for NESCBWI14

As the Conference Co-Director for the SCBWI-New England 2014 conference, I have the awesome responsibility (along with my co-chairs Natasha Sass and Marilyn Salerno) of selecting the workshops for the conference this year.

The theme this year is CREATE BRAVELY: MAKE YOUR MARK

Taking risks with our writing or illustrating moves us forward. Sometimes it's a scary step, and it's hard to think outside our comfort zones. This year, proposals focusing on being brave, taking risks, and working outside our comfort zone will take center stage. New England SCBWI is one of the largest SCBWI conferences, and in past we have sold out within a few weeks. We welcome proposals from everyone involved in the world of children's writing and publishing.

If you're thinking of submitting--the submission form is here:

As always, let us know if you have questions. nescbwi14@gmail or tweet me at @nescbwi or @kristineasselin

We have a wish list:

Wish List:
  • Workshops that focus on taking risks
  • The pros and cons of Self Publishing v. Traditional Publishing
  • Writing outside your comfort zone--creating authentic characters from diverse backgrounds and alternate lifestyles
  • Technical workshops focusing on new skills
  • Pro level workshops for experienced (not necessarily published) writers and illustrators
  • Hands-on writing workshops that spotlight elements of craft: outlining, story arc, tools, tips, character, dialogue, sketching, etc.
  • Hands-on illustration workshops
  • Beyond the Basics Publishing for intermediate authors or illustrators
  • Developing an idea from conception to completion
  • How to complete a Detailed Novel Outline
  • Secrets of Story Arc
  • How to lay out a picture book dummy
  • How to start your own publishing company
  • Gesture and emotion for illustrators
  • School and library visits and promotion
  • Grassroots marketing strategies to libraries and other overlooked venues
  • Writing nonfiction articles and short stories
  • Mystery writing, organizing your mystery
  • How to write chapter books
  • How to design an eBook
  • Technical training such as Scrivener, Facebook, Creating a Website, etc.
  • How to apply for SCBWI conference speaking slots: Tips and Tricks
  • Balancing a social media platform
  • Running a small-business in the 21st century
  • How to Draw Children - Anatomy specifics
  • Other markets open to Illustrators - Licensing, magazines, etc.
  • Hand Lettering and how to include it properly in your illustrations
  • Researching Historical Novels - online and at archives
And some we haven't thought of yet! Please feel free to add your "wish list" for conference workshops in my comments!