Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for Fun things Make Me Smile

Just a fun post. What makes you smile?

1. The first warm day of spring...I think golf is in the air.
2. Random farting by my child and husband--and the way they laugh at each other (don't tell, I'm good at feigning disgust.)
3. The thought of a nice glass of wine (or a warm cup of good coffee) with a friend. And knowing we have time to chat.
4. Talking about writing with my crit group.
5. The feeling of hitting a word count goal.
6. Saturday Night Fever by the BeeGees (c'mon, you have to smile when you hear that song. It's physically impossible NOT to).
7. Chocolate. And this time of year, Cadbury Cream Eggs. Yum.
8. Seeing my daughter play with her cousins.
9. Scratching my mother's kitten's belly.
10. Reading my follower's comments--I love you guys!


Laura Pauling said...

The one thing I've never enjoyed are Cadbury eggs. I don't like the yolk in real eggs so I can't past that, even if it tastes good!

Kelly said...

I just bought myself a Cadbury egg yesterday! YUM!
And we are also a family that giggles over toots and other potty talk!

Alicia Gregoire said...

I'm with Laura on this one. I can't do the creme eggs (and I too hate real yolk). My cats make me smile a lot. And Thin Mints definitely make my tummy smile.

Catherine Denton said...

Reese's Buttercup Eggs! :D
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Laura Marcella said...

I love Cadbury Cream Eggs!!!! I'm obsessed with them this time of year. :)

Kristine Asselin said...

All this talk about Cadbury. Might have to find one on the way home. Wonder how many WeightWatchers points it has???

Anita said...

This my favorite F post so far...we are very similar, I think. Too bad we're not closer so we could share wine and chocolate.

MG Higgins said...

What a lovely post! Although I read #9 as "Scratching my mother's kitten belly," which made me wonder what a kitten-belly is, why your mother had one, and why you were scratching it.

Donna said...

#2 is a big deal in my house between father and son. It's a fierce competition. Crazy boys :)

Listening to my grandbaby's laugh.
And my mom's laugh.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Mmmm, I love Cadbury Eggs. I'm also a fan of John Travolta doing the strut to the BeeGees.

Marie Anne said...

My dogs. My cats. My chickens. Most especially my baby chicks.

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Michelle Teacress said...

About number two on your list: One night I was leaving the store, walking through the parking lot when this guy (walking with his family) rips one - he doesn't know I'm there - rips another, and another. Each time his wife says, "Richard!", trying to get him to realize I'm right behind him!! I was disgusted, but it was kindof funny. Yuck!

Kristine Asselin said...

Thanks to all for sharing. Seems like I hit a nerve with Cadbury and the giggling over bodily functions!

Michelle--too funny!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I LOVE that cat picture!! :-)