Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E is for Everyone's Path to Publication is Different

I used QueryTracker to keep track of my agent queries (see my post on Anita Howard's blog on Friday, April 8). It was helpful for me (an unorganized person by nature) to have everything all in one place. I could research agents, read about queries, and note my own query progress.

This article QueryTracker--In Brief: the Path to Publication was posted on Monday, March 28 and written by Carolyn Kaufman. It makes so much sense--and puts all the pieces of the "road" in one succinct post. I encourage everyone who considers themselves a writer to read it!

Everyone's journey is different, but this post is helpful to put all elements of the road to publication in one place.


Laura Pauling said...

And this is something we need to remind ourselves of every day!

Marisa Hopkins said...

Oh cool! I am hoping to begin querying for the first time this summer, or early fall, and I have heard of QueryTracker, but I'll definitely check it out!

sandy axelrod said...

Since I am working on 2 cookbooks your advice here is most welcome!

Kristin said...

Everyone's journey is different. Everyone's journey is different. Repeat. Haha. It's so easy to compare, is it not? Thanks, Kris!

Shannon Lawrence said...

Thank you for the useful link. Sometimes it's hard to bear this in mind.

Good luck on the A to Z Challenge!

Anita said...

Smart girl! Love how you worked your guest appearance into the "E" blog post. Hmm. You must be a writer or something. LOL

Looking forward to tomorrow!