Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for Award (2nd A today)

I posted an A for April Fool earlier today. But I was touched and honored to receive this Powerful Woman Writer award from Deirdra from A Storybook World. So I wanted to post a second A. A for Award. And Awesomely honored to be considered a Powerful Woman Writer. Thank you Deirdra!


muso-blog-hog said...

Hey Kristine ~~ congrats on your award ! I picked out your link from the A~Z list . It's my "mass blogging debut" so I'm quite excited about it .


Kristine Asselin said...

Thanks Michelle!

Heather Kelly said...

Kris--I agree, you are a powerful woman writer. :)

the writing pad said...

Well done on the Award - and thanks for coming to my blog. Been looking at your recent posts and interested to see the one about Grant Writing. I've done this, too, for an opera company, and I absolutely agree with the parallels between making applications and fiction-based writing! Before that, I wrote appeals / mitigation for businesses hoping to avoid liquidation - same principles applied there, too, but the fiction element tended to be even stronger :-)
Good luck with the challenge
All best