Friday, April 2, 2010

Organizing my notes

Sometimes it feels good to just get organized.

I printed out critiques today, noted the critter on top, and punched holes. Putting paper in a three-ring-binder feels like progress...even better to stick colored post-its in carefully positioned locations. It looks like progress anyway...

Now, I'm ready to start going through the WIP in orderly fashion, with my super-star critique group's notes.

My goal is to have a penultimate draft by the New England SCBWI in May...

Don't you just love the word penultimate...??


Ann Marie Wraight said...


Your just trying to get one up on me because I used the word
in a sentence!!! Ha ha.

Thanks for saying you were in awe of me using the lovely word...publicly!...I start to feel like a writer now!

Glad you'regetting organised. GO FOR IT!

Kris said...

LOL, Ann Marie! You're right! BTW, you ARE a writer! Hope you have a nice weekend!