Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting Organized with THE WRITE PLANNER

Back in December, I was the lucky winner of THE WRITE PLANNER on Michelle Teacress' blog.  It was an early Christmas present--and oh so fun to win something just for me!!

I told her I'd write a review, but I've hesitated because, um, my husband got me a smart phone for my birthday (a few days after I won the planner).  The planner is soooo cool.  The phone is cooler.

BUT.  I need to get organized.  Need. To. Get. Organized.
I've got two nonfiction contracts for books in an Ancient Egypt set due this spring.  I've got an article to write for a friend of a friend's blog.  I have an itchy-scratchy feeling that another round of revisions might be an order on my completed novel.  Oh yeah, and I've got two WIPs that need some attention.  It's awesome to be busy with writing, but how do I multitask?

So back to the WRITE PLANNER.  It's got a space to fill in your daily word goals.  And space to write quick notes on each day.  And great inspirational quotes.  And a monthly calendar for quick reference.  It's a perfect [smallish] size--so it's not meant to get cluttered up with all your other activities.  You can get you own here at the Writer Remedies website.

Now I just need to use it. 

Anyone have any other tips for getting/staying organized?


Laura Pauling said...

Don't try and do too much? ;) What a neat gift to win. Hope it helps.

Heather Kelly said...

I love hard copy planning. Actually penning things into my calendar is wonderful.

I thought this article apt for your organizational efforts:


And congrats on having so much good stuff going on!

Kris said...

Thanks Laura and Heather! Organization has never been my best skill!

Ann Best said...

I won a Write Planner too, and need to use it!

I just saw your comment on Michelle Teacress's blog and came over to meet you. I have three favorite genres, the third being YA and MG. So I'm interested in checking out your books. Congratulations on their publication. And I will be back!
Ann Best, Author

Michelle Teacress said...

Hi Kris! If I had a smart phone, I think I'd save The Write Planner for all of my writing stuff too (right now I use mine for everything). I'll send Kim over here to check out your nice review. Have a great week!

Kris said...

Thanks Michelle! And thanks again for the great contest!