Monday, February 21, 2011

Central Massachusetts Kidlit Drink Night--Take Two

The last central Massachusetts Meet Up went so well -- click here for pictures.  So many people asked if we can do it again and I was going to wait until after the NESCBWI conference, but really, why wait?

So I'm thinking about Tuesday, April 26, 7:00ish until whenever.
Same place--because it's easy for me.  Westford Grille in Westford, MA.  If anyone has an idea for another location, let me know for future events.

We had 12 writers last time--feel free to spread the word.  Just let me know if you're planning on being there so I can tell the restaurant.  Tweet away, blog away!  All are welcome--writers, illustrators, editors, agents, booksellers, bloggers, librarians...

Making connections face-to-face was so exciting. And motivating.  I want to do it again!

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kiperoo said...

I will try to make it this time! It would definitely be easier for me if it were closer to town - maybe we could do something like Waltham another time? It's pretty much dead-center on 128. There's a Picadilly Pub right off the highway that might serve the purpose.