Friday, February 25, 2011

American Idol - When the Journey is Over

I'm a fan.  There, I said it.  I loved Simon--I didn't think the show would survive without his brutal honesty.  But, you know what?  Who knew Steven Tyler (who, by the way, I saw in concert in 1988 with Aerosmith--that doesn't date me too much, does it?) would be so warm and fuzzy.  And nice.  But honest.  I love J.Lo.  And Randy.

But really, do they have to tell the kids "your journey ends here"?  Seriously, the journey is just beginning for some of these singers even if they're not moving forward.  Granted some of the early contestants won't be pop stars.  They should sing to their kids or in the shower and move on.

It's great the way they've been telling some of the contestants who are going home to keep singing.  And to come back again next year. But every single time they said "your journey ends here" last night I cringed.  Because there are so many times that I could have stopped writing. With every rejection, I could have thought "my journey ends here." 

With a picture book contract in my pocket and some exciting new nonfiction freelance work, I'm feeling like my journey is just beginning.  I couldn't have predicted the direction my writing career would take a few years ago. And I know there is more to come.

My advice today for aspiring authors (or anyone aspiring to do anything)--don't let anyone tell you your journey ends here. There might be a twist in the road that you haven't anticipated, but the journey isn't over until YOU say it's over.

Now seriously, any predictions for AI winners?  I'm going with Jacob Lusk or Casey Abrams.


Laura Pauling said...

I don't know all there names well yet but that guy with cello was pretty good. And the other guy with the beard and the unique voice. It'll have a more formed opinion after next week!

Jess said...

Great post! I'd love to see Casey Abrams win--he's just a cool kid. And I love these three judges! I'm guessing that they're a sigh of relief to Randy :) Fun post (especially relating it to writing).

tracyellen said...

I love the new judges, too! I'd love to see Casey Abrams or Paul McDonald win :-)

This post is exactly what I needed to read today. My writing has been derailed by "real life," and I've been in a funk about it. I think I'll try to look at it as just another twist in the road...

Kris said...

I'm so glad TracyEllen--I know I get into funks too. It's so easy to get derailed.

And thanks Laura and Jess! Casey Abrams is def cool and one of my early favorites!

Julie Musil said...

Kris, you're so right. You got those contracts because you kept going when others quit. That's awesome.

There's still too many of the AI crew to remember their names (for me, anyway). But I'm a big fan. I also thought I wouldn't like the show once Simon left, but I actually like it MORE!

Kris said...

Julie -- Thank you. Sometimes it's hard to keep going, but you've got to!

Ansha said...

Perseverance is key when it comes to dream catching. And I love AI this year too and didn't expect it to be such fun!

Lee Wind said...

Yes, well put. The journey goes on, in unexpected directions - unless you give up.

erinjade said...

i am watching idol for the first time ever this season! (i know, i'm way behind this particular pop-culture curve.)
but i watch that show and think - all the steps they have to go through! it's like trying to get published or something!
so this post is perfect.

i hope those kids know their journey is just beginning.