Saturday, February 5, 2011

Interesting Week or How to Ignore the Distractions

It's been an interesting week.  One and a half snow days threw my schedule off completely.

But here are some of the writing-related things I did this week:

I wrote about 200 new words on a fiction WIP (not a ton, I know, but still)
I started an outline for a nonfiction work for hire project
I communicated with my new editor for same nonfiction project
I received a contract for a picture book manuscript (squee!)
I talked to an agent (not about representation, but it was a great convo)

So I just realized I had interaction with an editor, an agent, and a publisher--all in the last three days.  Hmm.  Not at all what I expected at the beginning of the week.  The three interactions were all really different--but all of them were generous with their time and genuinely cool people.  While I can't talk details, all three are sort of milling around in my brain competing for energy.

And distracting me from the actual work I should be doing.  Writing.  But in a good way.

OK, so the title of this post sort of suggests I'm going to explain how to ignore the distractions.  Honestly I have no idea.

How do you tune out the distractions?


Andrea Mack said...

Wow - it sounds like you accomplished a lot even if you didn't get many words on the page! When I have too much "stuff" in my brain, I usually re-read the previous part of the story I'm working on, I often find something I need to fix and that helps me focus.

Kris said...

Thanks Andrea. That's a good idea and often works for me too. I actually started using outlines as a way to make progress on fiction as well as non fiction.

Thanks for stopping by!

Charmaine Clancy said...

I'm blog-hopping right now, so, obviously not the best one to give advice on ignoring distractions :-)