Sunday, February 6, 2011

To Facebook or Not to Facebook

As an aspiring author--even though I've published a few non fiction Work-for-Hire books, I still consider myself aspiring--I struggle with how much promotion I need or want to do.

Over the weekend, during a conversation with my sister and mother, I decided to start my own "fan" page on Facebook. This will allow me to keep my own personal page separate from a more public persona. 

I've also taken the leap into Twitter. 

I'm not required to promote my work-for-hire books, but why wouldn't I want to?  I love making connections with fellow writers/authors, and it would so cool to connect to readers. 

Please feel free to "like" my Facebook page icon on the left hand sidebar.  I'd love to get comments from others who have taken the leap.


Amie B said...

hi kris! thanks for finding my blog! i've finished your crit. if you send me an email at
amiegr8tstuff (at) aol (dot) com i'll send it to you asap!

Michelle Teacress said...

Oh, I would love to "like" your page if I were on facebook, but they don't allow pen names (Michelle Teacress is my pen name) and ironically they shut down my "real" FB account, claiming it was fake. Go figure. But one of these days, I am going to make a fan page too, and I LOVE Twitter. I find that once I connect with people in a genuine way, they automatically express interest in my blog/goodreads/etc. If I make those connections now, all the better for when I'm actually published. Do I follow you on Twitter? I'm going to check. Have a great week!

Kris said...

I DO twitter, Michelle. Though how well, I'm not sure. :) I think you DO follow me!

When you set up your facebook page, let me know!

Julie Musil said...

Kris, this is cool. I've heard about this...setting up a separate page for writing stuff. I still only have my personal facebook page. But yes, why not promote your books while you're at it? (By the way, I don't think you're aspiring anymore. You ARE a writer!)

Kris said...

Thanks Julie! Not sure I have enough interesting things to report with a blog, facebook, AND twitter. But it's all an experiment!