Monday, January 31, 2011


Writing is often a solitary activity.  Twitter, blogging, and other social media have a value added benefit of helping writers feel like we are less on our own.  Experiencing writer's block?  Log onto Twitter and find a hundred others who are feeling the same.

Sometimes virtual relationships are all you need to get yourself out of the doldrums.  My weekly online chats with my crit group are usually a great way to help me get out of my own way. 

But other times, there's nothing like meeting another writer for coffee, or better yet [gasp] LUNCH!

I've been part of an active crit group for almost two years.  We all live within a two hour ride of each other, but we meet online.  We crit over email.  But seeing these women in person is a rare treat.  It usually only happens at our regional SCBWI conference.

Yesterday we met for a late lunch.  We talked about our lives, our kids, and of course our writing.  To see their expressions, to hear the tones in their voices, and to share little things like whether or not I should use regular sugar or nutrasweet in my coffee was priceless to me. 

There's nothing like meeting in person.  Anyone looking for an opportunity and living in the general vicinity of central Massachusetts?  Ansha Kotyk and I are hosting a Meet Up for anyone interested in Kid Lit on February 15 at the Westford Grille in Westford Massachusetts. 


Laura Pauling said...

Thinking about our sugar vs nutra sweet conversation cracks me up! Definitely a highlight! :)

Ansha said...

*snicker* I love you guys. Seriously I had an awesome time. Now if only we could do it more often!! Next stop Conference! See you on chat tonight, because you guys keep me plugging along, in writing and in life. Thanks!