Monday, January 3, 2011

ANY WHICH WALL by Laurel Snyder

Four kids, a mysterious wall, and a good helping of common magic!
If you had a magic wall that could take you to any place and any time, where would you go? Would you want to visit castles and desert islands? Would you want to meet famous wizards, terrible pirates, beautiful queens, and dastardly outlaws? If so, then you are just like Henry and Emma, and Roy and Susan—and you will probably like this story a lot. In fact, you might even wish something similar would happen to you!

In Any Which Wall, author Laurel Snyder proves that you don’t have to be an orphan, know a dragon, or even be a child to get a taste of magic. You just have to keep your mind open and willing to let it happen. And when you do find magic (like Henry, Emma, Roy, and Susan), you might be surprised that along with all the fun, you also find out new things about your friends, your family, and maybe even a little bit about who you really want to be.

I won this book from Goodreads over the summer , and it's just taken me way too long to pick it up.   I'm kicking myself that I hadn't started it sooner--it's adorable.  I haven't quite finished it yet, but I had to start over 'cause my daughter wanted me to read it to her.  So back to page one.  She's capable of reading it herself, but it seemed like a book for us to enjoy together.  

The magic is common magic, simple magic.  My favorite kind.  The kids are normal.  It could be set today or 40 years ago--timeless.  We also enjoyed Laurel's UP AND DOWN THE SCRATCHY MOUNTAIN.  That book has the same appeal, a sort of timeless feel to it.  Laurel's writing is simple, and has a way of making you feel like you could be one of her characters...or their friend.  Or parent, I guess. :)

It's firmly middle-grade.  But easily accessible to a younger audience looking to "read up."  Like I said, not quite to the end yet, but we're enjoying it, and I wanted to share!

Happy New Year!


Heather Kelly said...

I loved this book. An excellent read. Common magic is the best. Thanks for the review!

Kris said...

Thanks Heather--we're really enjoying it. I love Laurel's writing. Hope you're well!

Laura Pauling said...

Did you read her post about what she did with all of her going out print out books - up and down the scratchy mountain! Incredible.