Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My favorite blogs this week

or the one's I've been stalking visiting most:

Alice Pope's SCBWI blog (and not just because I won an ARC of Holly Cupola's TELL ME A SECRET there this week.)
Query Tracker
Verla Kay's Blue Board
Casey McCormick's Literary Rambles
Krista V.'s Mother. Write. Repeat

I also spend time at Laura Pauling's Exercising the Write to Ramble, Heather Kelly's Edited to Within an Inch of my Life, Tina Laurel Lee's Watch Me Practice, Jennifer Carson's blog, and Ansha Kotyk's blog.

My favorite agent blogs are Mandy Hubbard's, Kate Shafer Testerman's and Jennifer Laughran's.  And there are countless others that I try to browse on a semi-regular basis.

Really, though, I should be writing.  Or outlining, at least.  Reading, maybe?  I've been trying to give constructive critiques at Writeoncon, trying to post helpful comments at the Blueboard.  And blogging regularly.  Oh, yeah, and twitter.  And don't forget, I'm querying. 

How do people do it all?  Tell me please!

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