Thursday, July 22, 2010

Authors online

I always find it so cool to discover authors whose worked I've enjoyed online.  Twitter and blogs offer us opportunities to interact in ways never before possible--the fan girl inside me finds it a bit daunting.  It also makes me wonder what it might be like to have my book published and be on the other side of the coin.

My daughter and I recently discovered R.L Lafevers--we love her Nathanial Fludd: Beastologist series.  Her blog offered a chance to see the newly designed cover of the not-yet-published fourth book in the series. We commented on her post about the new cover.  I also noticed she's on twitter, so I tweeted a congratulatory message. And guess what? She answered. Made my daughter's night (not to mention mine!).

Of course if you've read my blog with any regularity, you know of my fan-girl status with Kate Messner.  Through my correspondence with Kate, I had a chance to review an ARC of her to-be-released SUGAR AND ICE.   That was cool. And wouldn't have happened without blogging.

Other author blogs I've enjoyed lately include Jaclyn Dolamore and Laurel Snyder.

Sometimes I hesitate commenting.  I almost never tweet to authors and agents--too much of a risk of looking/sounding stupid or seeming too stalkerish. But occasionally I work up the courage to make a comment.  And I'm almost never disappointed.  Because authors and agent really ARE people, too.  And just like those of us writing and querying our first novels, they want feedback.  To hear that something touched someone's heart, or made an impact on someone, or just that their words were enjoyed. And it's nice to have someone say thank you.

Have you thanked your favorite author today?


Heather Kelly said...

I agree at how wonderful it is to have a glimpse of the writer behind the book. I haven't been disappointed yet! I too LOVE Kate Messner. She's good people.

Julie Musil said...

Kris, I've never worked up the courage to do that! It's awesome that you did, and that your daughter was so excited about it. Maybe some day I'll have the guts, but not yet!