Friday, November 11, 2011

Who Does YOUR Hair?

This is just a fun post today, not related to writing. Enjoy. :)

“Who does your hair?”

It’s a question every woman has been asked, whether on the playground or on the way to a board meeting. People usually ask because they are not happy with their current hair style and are looking for a change. I’ve been asked this question many times in my life—is it too weird that I’ve never asked it?

When someone asks me where I get my hair done, it always makes me pause. Not because I don’t love my hairdresser. Au Contraire! It just always takes a few minutes to explain. And it’s a little unusual. You see, the same person has been cutting and/or styling my hair my whole life. Since I was eight. 

And he’s not a relative.

When Tony Rosetti was a young stylist, my mother discovered his shop. He did a great job with her thick curly hair. Even though his shop was in Reading, MA, it wasn’t a stretch for her to make the drive from a few towns away.

Some of my earliest memories are of sweeping the shop floor for Tony when my mother had her hair done. At eight, my long hair had enough split ends to start a punk rock band. It was time for Tony to cut it (<= 4th grade picture over there). Call me a creature of habit. Call me unadventurous. But over the years, I  continued to make the 40 minute drive to Reading with my mother and sisters for haircuts. Because Tony was our hairdresser, that’s why!

He styled my hair for my high school prom. Gave me perms against his better judgment in college. Cut it for my wedding. Colored the gray when it started to sprout in my thirties. And now he cuts my daughter’s hair. Seriously, I can count on one hand the number of people who have cut my hair in my lifetime. 

I make the drive every month or so from my home along the Route 2 corridor all the way to Reading. Not that it’s hundreds of miles. But it’s never a spontaneous decision. 

Why? Because Tony is my hairdresser, that’s why. 

How many people can say they have a lifelong relationship with their hairdresser? 

Love you Tony!
The little one's first haircut a few years ago.


Laura Pauling said...

That's so cool and so very rare! It really is more about relationship sometimes! And men make great hair dressers!

Faith E. Hough said...

Aw, that's neat. My husband cuts my hair--which gets me some fun looks when I answer that question! (Hey, in his day job he makes violins, so I trust his eye. :)

Ansha Kotyk said...

I love that you have your old school photos! I totally need a new hairstylist! :)

Alicia Gregoire said...

This is so cute and this post really made me smile. That's all.

Gene Pool Diva said...

I was in the middle of a haircut when the stylist's young daughter took a broom to the nape of my neck. I had to fight back tears, I was laughing so hard.

Never mind thick hair, you go back for Toni's heart. :)