Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How I Write series withdrawal

I wanted to thank Ansha Kotyk my wonderful critique partner for organizing the How I Write Series--A group of writers posted about how we write on Wednesdays from mid-June through August.  It was a great experience, and I learned a lot from my fellow participants.  If you're interested in participating next year, email Ansha. And click here for the list of all the writers who participated and links to their blogs.

I admit I'm suffering from a bit of withdrawal as I realized I have no set schedule for posting this week.   What to do? This week I've posted about Bobby Sherman and wordle.  Not particularly helpful to the world of writers out there.  

I'm open to a series if anyone's interested...let me know.

That said, I'm working on revising a nonfiction piece this week.  I've got an outline due next week on another piece. I'm really excited about both of them--but my fiction is sort of languishing.   I haven't really read the novel that I'm querying, in like, months.

Writing both fiction and nonfiction is sort of a right brain/left brain thing for me.  Not sure if that's typical or not.  I sort of have to turn off the fiction side--but then my nonfiction tends to get dry and boring (which is not what I'm going for, by the way. LOL). But you can't make up characters or invent dialogue in nonfiction (no, really, you can't. Crazy, right?)

Anyone else write both fiction and nonfiction?  How do you manage both?


Laura Pauling said...

Of course you could combine the two - historical fiction. ;)

Kris said...

Yes, that's true! Someday I might do that! Thanks, Laura.

Ansha said...

I'm all for historical fiction! LOVE it. :)
And yeah, I had a tiny bit of withdrawal (this spelling doesn't look right to me... hmmm) too, but I"m okay with waiting on another series until next year. :)