Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Beginnings

Most people think of the new year as starting in January as the calendar slips a digit.  Not me.  Every fall, I get excited about the new school year.  Maybe because even after I graduated, I've always worked in academia.

Countdown?  Forget it, I'll take those crisp clean notebooks--so many things to be written in them.  Fireworks?  Nah, I'll take the multi-pack of colored pencils--so much to draw, underline, graphs...so little time. 
Funny hats? Are you kidding?  Give me those post-it notes, sharpened pencils, crayons and glue sticks any day.

Can you tell I love school supplies?  They are the embodiment of starting over.  I'm spending the last day before school starts with my daughter and some good friends.  We might go and see if we can peer into her classroom so I can imagine her day tomorrow.  I won't cry (I don't think)--we're past that.  But I will envy her as she heads off in her new outfit, with her new backpack filled with those awesome supplies. 

I might steal one of her notebooks and see what new things I can come up with...

How do you celebrate the start of the new year?


Aubrie said...

The school year starts in September for me as well as a music teacher! I love this time of year! I celebrate by getting new supplies and few new wardrobe items to look spiffy for teaching :)

Nice website, btw!

Laura Pauling said...

New clothes. New supplies. I love the start of the school year. It's fun to see how my kids will do. And summer is so special because it's so short. My kids were ready to go back and see their friends. And fall is soccer season for us and that's always fun too! I'm with you.

Andrea Mack said...

September is the new year to me too - and a few new clothes for me and the kids is one way we celebrate. And picking apples - we go and get fresh crisp apples and bake a great pie.

Kris said...

Aubrie--I confess I may have picked up a few new things for myself...

Laura--summer is SOOO short! My kid is ready for school too--can't wait to see her friends.

Andrea--now I have a hankering for apple pie. I never understood the appeal of picking, though. :)