Thursday, May 6, 2010

Q&A with Kris

It’s been an interesting day. This morning, Laura, presented me with my first ever blog award. I’m still reeling over that one. Laura is an awesome friend and critique partner, and her award meant a lot to me. Then, this afternoon, Dena tagged me on a chain blog as someone she’d like to know better.

Wow. Me?

If you know me, you know I don’t normally do these. However, I thought I’d give the answers a try in the spirit of reminiscing about the ups and downs of my so-called writing career.

The question is where were you five years ago? Not really writing in a significant way. So, I’m amending it to read, Where were you four years ago?

1. Four years ago, I had just written my first picture book manuscript – very first query (to a small publisher) got personal feedback, which I know now doesn’t happen as often as we all would like. Got me motivated.
2. I was about four months away from writing the short story that would turn into my YA novel after a conversation with a friend jogged a memory.
3. Six months from joining my first critique group after posting some stuff on Critique Circle.
4. A year away from attending my first SCBWI conference as a bright eyed newbie.
5. Sixteen months away from sending writing samples and resume to Capstone Press which would eventually lead to my first non-fiction freelance book being published.

In other words, just starting on this journey. Not sure where I was going. Lots to learn.

Where would you like to be five years from now?

1. Working as a full-time writer with a couple of YA or MG novels already published.
2. Agented for sure.
3. Scheduling a fancy European book tour during which I visit London and meet JK Rowling.
4. Living in a bigger house in the same town I live in now.
5. Mentoring new writers and hopefully inspiring them the way I’ve been inspired by others.
6. Fifteen pounds lighter and ten years younger. Or at least look that way. :)

What is on your to-do list today?

1. Reading some of my WIP out loud
2. Completing the assignment for the online writing class I’m taking through Writer U.
3. Thinking about what to pack for the NE-SCBWI conference next weekend during which I’ll meet some blogger friends for the first time. (I want to look thin and cute, what shall I wear?)
4. Chat w/ my CPs via email at least two or three times.
5. Check Query Tracker and see if my agent list has any alerts.
6. Check WIBIJ blog and see if I’ve won any prizes. ;)

What five snacks do you enjoy?

1. Chips and Salsa and White Zinfandel
2. Salt and Vinegar potato chips
3. Dentyne
4. Diet Coke
5. Moose Tracks Ice Cream (any brand, I’m not fussy). Just chocolate and peanut butter. Yum.

What five things would you do if you were a billionaire? See some of the things on the list for what I’ll be doing in five years. ;)

1. Let’s see, plan my own book tour to visit JK Rowling in London
2. Pay off my the mortgages of family members
3. Start an endowment for the arts at my alma mater
4. Hire someone to cook and clean my house
5. Buy a house with an office in which I can write, write, write.

Tag Five people. I sort of hate tagging people, cause I don’t want folks to feel compelled. So, I'm breaking the rules here. Thanks again to Dena for tagging me -- this took way longer than I thought it would, so now my to-do list is only half completed. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.


Talli Roland said...

Loved this - thanks for sharing more about you. And salt and vinegar crisps - yum!

Dena Daw said...

lol sorry for slowing you down kris! I enjoyed reading this though!

Kris said...

Talli - Thanks! Double yum!

Dena - not a problem. It was a good excuse to procrastinate!

Jonathon Arntson said...

Kris - I love your answers, think of this exercise as an ice breaker for future conversations. It was saved you a lot of legwork in the long run and it may have inspired you to write more. Okay, that's what I had to tell myself when I filled mine out, but I didn't really spend much time on it...

Kris said...

Thanks Jonathan. And thank you for starting this! I probably will be able to draw on this for other conversations. It's still amazing to me to see how much I've improved and grown since then! Who knew you could teach an old dog new tricks!