Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Query v. Synopsis

I have a great critique group. So, it goes without saying that they didn't laugh their butts off when I revealed that I hadn't realized that query and synopsis are NOT the same thing. I mean, I've been seriously writing, and researching the craft and industry of writing for almost four years now. I've read Harold Underdown, I'm a regular lurker on Verla Kay's blueboard, I'm a member of the SCBWI. And I thought a query was a short synopsis. Nope, not at all.

Query is a teaser. A teaser. Something that whets the appetite. Something that piques the interest and makes the reader want more.

Synopsis is a play-by-play of the entire storyline. No surprises. No secrets. All the major plot points of your novel.

So, when I went to package my submission for the SCBWI WIP grant, I realized I didn't have a synopsis. I have a great 250 word query. What I don't have is a great 750 word synopsis. Well, I almost do. Now. But I didn't on Monday morning.

Did I mention how great my critique group is?


Harold Underdown said...

I'm sorry to have given you the impression that a query and a synopsis were pretty much the same thing. Can you point to where on my The Purple Crayon you picked that up, so I can fix it?


Harold Underdown

Kris said...

Oh No, Harold! I didn't mean to give anyone the impression that you had given misleading information! I only meant that I've read and researched a lot about the craft of writing -- I was berating myself for not having absorbed that fact! I will update my blog to clarify. Please accept my apologies.