Friday, March 5, 2010

No more whining.

I've been whining a bit lately (to myself anyway) about deadlines. Maybe it makes me feel better to whine. Maybe I do it to remind myself to get to work. Maybe it's a wee bit to stroke my own ego that someone's paying me to write something.

But I need to stop whining. Deadlines are a fact of life. They, in fact, give life order. And lord knows I could use more order in my life!

I'm really enjoying this writing thing. I still can't quite believe my luck,skill, talent! Someone is paying me to write -- I'm toying with the idea of seeking out more freelance work. Except that would give me less time, not more, to work on my real passion, affectionately called THE NOVEL.

The coolest thing about the book I'm working on right now is the excitement my daughter has about it. Not that she wants to read it (yet). But, she wants to help me research. We're headed to the Christa McAuliffe planetarium over the weekend in Concord, NH. She's already filled her backpack w/ her space books, her "research" notebook, and a stuffed animal.

What am I going to bring?


pauling said...

That is so cool. Especially with your daughter excited. There is no reason, you can't do both! The non fiction are great credentials!

Kris said...

Thanks, Laura! I think so too!