Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Choice In Publishing

I'm honored to be a part of this one-time blog ring about publishing options. My crit group has been discussing this topic for months.And I know it's been a topic for writers and agents (and editors) for longer than that.

First of all, I'd like to say that I think the "right" choice for anyone might change depending on the day. The book. The moment. It's amazing that writers have so many choice these days--we can self publish, we can e-publish, we can freelance, we can publish the traditional route (i.e., publish with a traditional publisher, either by pitching directly or through an agent). Within the traditional route, there are small presses as well "the big six" and other larger publishers. And I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

That said, at this moment, my choice is to pursue traditional publishing for my young adult and middle grade fiction.

Having an editorial agent (Vickie Motter from Andrea Hurst Literary Management), who vets my work and offers significant recommendations when and where they're needed, for me, is priceless. She works with me to polish the book, she pitches the book to editors. She will work to make sure any offers we receive are fair. It really becomes a team approach--how can we make the product the best it can be. And we're both invested in making the book the best it can be.

Unfortunately, getting the agent is often the hardest step--once I started querying, it took almost 10 months. But, for me, it was 100% worth it.

I can't imagine doing this without her. But then again I do my best work as part of a collaboration. So it's the right choice for me.

Some might prefer the challenges offered by self-publishing, or e-publishing because of the opportunity to create a project of their own, on their own.

I've also been very fortunate to have the opportunity to do do a fair amount of work-for-hire (freelance) for the school library market with Capstone Press. Working closely, on assignment, with an editor has been a priceless experience for me. To see my name on the cover of beautifully produced hard cover books has done wonders for my self-confidence, helped to hone my writing skills, and given me great assets to my writers toolbox.

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Laura Pauling said...

I think you got it right when you said it's a different choice for each writer, each book. Not a right or wrong way. :)

Tina Laurel Lee said...

You have been such a model for me, pursuing both an agent for so long(yay to have found such a perfect one!) and the work for hire. You have situated yourself perfectly! Thanks for sharing your choice and your experiences along the way.

J.L. Campbell said...

Hi, Kristine,

It's good to see how you made your choice and how you're using your strengths on the journey.

Heather Kelly said...

Kris--I love that statement that it depends on the day, the book... I feel that way exactly. How lucky we are to have all these choices! (Not that any path is an easy one...) Writing to be published and marketing afterward is tough! With many rewards, hopefully.

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

I think you're absolutely right - that each book/writer needs to make their own choice. The markets are different for different books (adult mysteries? great on e-book. MG fantasy? not so much). And the ground keeps shifting, as the markets and industry change, so that factors in too.

I like your combination approach (I'm doing something similar) and I think more and more authors are going to branch out, try more than one path. It doesn't have to be all-or-nothing anymore.

Great post!

Ansha Kotyk said...

I love that you point out all the various way of publishing. Work for Hire is an option few writers realize the value of. Working directly with an editor really teaches you how to craft words to get your message across on the page.

Anita said...

Your post resonates peace, which I think writers need right now. Deep breaths, everyone. It's all good. :)

LynNerd said...

Wonderful post, Kris. I'm happy for you, having found an awesome agent to go to bat for you, and the work for hire experience is a big plus. I agree that each writer has to decide which path is best for them at any given time.

Alicia Gregoire said...

I have to pick your brain about write for hire again when I see you next.

Kelly Polark said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kris! This is a great blog topic. I am enjoying reading all of your thoughts and experiences!