Thursday, July 14, 2011

Word Count and Wizards

Ok, so I want to jump on the HP post bandwagon and I'm not seeing DH until next Tuesday. I'm counting the minutes, but I don't want it to end either. We've had the audio Jim Dale versions playing in the house for months.

On a related note (ok, so not at all related), I've written almost 3000 words on my new WIP this week. And those in only two days of writing. For whatever reason this WIP feels like it's going somewhere. And I even know what scene I need to write next. I haven't written new fiction in a LONG time, so this feels really good.

This weekend, my daughter and I are camping with the Girl Scouts. It'll be fun, and sweaty, and hopefully NOT full of mosquitoes. I've got the netting just in case. But, YUM, s'mores.

I'll be bringing a notebook to jot down any brilliant ideas I get while we're there.


Barbara Kloss said...

Eek, have so much fun camping!! (and PLEASE eat an extra s'more for me! nomnomnomnom)

Congrats on so much progress on your new WIP, too! That's's always so much fun discovering new "friends." :)

Harry Potter *sigh* How I'll miss thee...

Laura Pauling said...

It's so much fun writing fresh after months of revising! Have fun with it!

Richard said...

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LTM said...

ooo... I loved camping in the summer when I was a kid. Have fun! And we're headed to see HP tomorrow. Yay~ :D <3

Heather Kelly said...

Kris--that's an awesome wordcount--you should enter it into the Tour de Writing--you'd be absolutely in the running! (I'm doing the standings today at some point.)

And, I think it's SO FUNNY that you connected with my neighbor at the girl scout thing. What a small world!