Thursday, July 28, 2011

ARCs on the Beach

I took my friend MY VERY UNFAIRY TALE LIFE by Anna Staniszewsi to the beach yesterday. It comes out November 2011 from Sourcebooks Jabberwocky. (Don't worry, Anna, I didn't let her near the water, even though she begged).
 She'll be on her way to Laura Pauling's house tomorrow. I dare Laura to show her as much fun as I did.

I might have got too much sun.

Anyone else have an ARC they want me to show a good time to? I mean read and review.


Laura Pauling said...

Great pics. How am I supposed to beat that?

Anna Staniszewski said...

Ha! How is it that my ARC has been to the beach this summer and I haven't? Totally jealous...

Shallee said...

ARCs. The beach. Sigh. It sounds amazing.

I'm waiting on an ARC of Brodi Ashton's Everneath. I'm part of an ARC tour, so I don't get to keep it, but I'm just looking forward to reading it!