Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Can you make it out? It's a wish boat. Sort of a camp tradition.

We made it this weekend out of bark and a few leaves. Add a tea light (w/ metal removed) and float it in the lake. Add 50 of your friends and you've got a beautiful sea of wishes.

It reminded me of the pivotal scene in TANGLED, you know the one where they float the lights in the sky? We had a full moon, clear sky, and wish boats on a peaceful lake.

My daughter's wish is to fly.

Can you guess mine?


Andrea Mack said...

Wow, cool tradition. I can think of a few wishes I'd like to make, especially related to my writing!

Marisa Hopkins said...

Aw, that is adorable!!! I've never heard of that, but I bet it was a gorgeous sight! :)

Ru said...

Cute tradition! Good luck with your wish :)