Friday, March 18, 2011

Location Location Location

Location is important when you're buying a house. It's also important to consider when you're thinking about schools for your kids or when you're parking your car.  You might also consider location when you're determining if the drive to the grocery store brings you past Starbucks.

As a writer, I have many locations for writing. Dining room table. Library cubicle. Borders cafe (well, not anymore, my local Borders closed), Panera, Starbucks, Community Center where my offspring takes art class. I've even been known to take notes in the car (but not while driving, of course).

I've never really considered how these locations change my state of mind. Does library work better for nonfiction? Does Starbucks influence the energy level of my MC? I'm more easily distracted at home. But I can also get my best work done there.

I'm likely to see acquaintances at the library--but sometimes that's just what my brain needs.

How does location impact your writing?

Check back on Monday for an interview with YA author Cambria Dillon. Read about her good news and contest here.


Laura Pauling said...

Until I have a laptop I write in the same place from start to finish - at my computer in my living room! My town is way too small to go to our local coffee shop - I'd run into people I know. And Border is 40 minutes away so....I'm here for now.

Laura Pauling said...

And nice new background - it caught me off guard at first!

Cambria Dillon said...

I used to write on the couch when I had a laptop...but then it died and I think it was sort of kismet because my husband usually bugged me way too much to be productive. Now I have a gorgeous Mac upstairs and it's where I get all my writing done. I wish I could be one of those writers who goes OUT to write...but I just get distracted too easily.

And thanks for linking to my contest announcement, Kristine! Can't wait!!!

MG Higgins said...

One of the biggest creativity blockers for me is ceiling height. (Yes, weird.) My old house has rooms with ceilings of various heights and the taller ones seem to free up my brain cells more. Go figure. (I just noticed I used three "ei" words in this comment. Huh.)

Ansha said...

I had to post for the simple reason that I LOVE that cartoon. :) I live by my gps.

Kristine Asselin said...

Thanks all--sometimes all you need to kick start your muse is a change of location. :)

Alicia Gregoire said...

This is so true, Kris. I write in different places in the house, out with friends, and at the library. (No more Borders for me unless I head into Cambridge now.) A lot of times I'll move to do a different location if I get blocked in one place. It's almost like the creative energy gets blocked after a while.

Loving the new layout!