Monday, August 9, 2010

Agent Dreams

Has anyone had one?  I mean, an honest-to-goodness, real-deal, agent dream?  Not just a daydream you have when you're waiting for the blog to load, or twitter to update.  One that you wake up and remember.

Yeah.  I did.  Have a dream about an agent, I mean.  I won't tell you who I dreamed about it, but suffice to say the person is a stellar agent.  Who. I. Would. Love. To. Rep. Me.

She was in my house, on my laptop, giving me advice about my blog. Wish I could remember the advice. :)

I think I'm not getting enough sleep.



Jen said...

Those dreams rock!!! At least it wasn't 150 agents running after you saying how awful your book is!! Dream happy!

Anita said...

Hah! Good one!

A friend of mine died last week and a couple nights ago I had a dream with her in it. It was so great to talk with her.

MT said...

What a fun dream! It would be great if you remembered the agent's advice - and maybe funny. You know how dreams are. Maybe the advice was something really odd that you would never do in real life. ;)

Kris said...

Anita - my condolences. I hope you get to talk to her again.

MT - that would be great!

Kris said...

Jen--that's my worst nightmare!