Thursday, June 17, 2010

To Find A Wonder - Jennifer Carson

Jennifer Carson, aka the Dragon Charmer, masterfully weaves a sweet and powerful story about a squire discovering what it takes to be a knight. Young squire Mortimer wants nothing more than to be a knight, but his liege refuses to knight him unless Mortimer can return with a Wonder, in 5 days no less. Knowing that most knights never find a single Wonder through lifelong quests, Mortimer heartily agrees and takes his trusty mount, Lady, on the journey of a lifetime.

Not only does Mortimer return with multiple Wonders, he creates one or two of his own along the way. He also learns the power of friendship, loyalty, and honor. Memorable characters such as Percival, the fire breathing dragon; Goon, the minstrel; a bumbling Wizard; and a frog prince pepper this lively story. Kids, young and old, will enjoy the adventure. “May your heart be true and your sword be loyal.”

I encourage you to check out To Find A Wonder.  Jen is a member of my critique group and I may have a signed copy (or two) of Jen's book to give away.  Check back tomorrow to find out!


Aubrie said...

I love fantasy quest books. This looks like a great book.

Talli Roland said...

Sounds like a good one. Thanks for the review!

Kris said...

It is a good one. Thanks for stopping by Aubrie and Talli!