Monday, August 24, 2009

Short Synopsis #23 (and counting)

Kate’s been living the sweet life. Her parents own the local golf course, and she gets to play as much golf as she wants all summer long with her best friend Scott. Life can’t get any better, can it? Lately, though, hanging out with Scott has been making Kate’s stomach flutter. And the only problem with that is it’s harder to hold onto the golf club when he’s looking at her – and he always seems to be looking at her.

When Kate finds out that the business is in trouble, she thinks that her status as the only girl to qualify for the State Junior Championship might draw the crowds back to Willow Bend Country Club. Home course advantage should give her the edge she needs to make the cut. But before the tournament can take place, the golf course is vandalized and Scott is accused of the crime.

Can Kate help stop the real vandal from causing more damage before the tournament committee makes the decision to relocate? Or will he drive a wedge (or putter) through the heart of first love?

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