Monday, August 17, 2009

Another effort

If Kate can make it to the State Junior Golf Championship, she thinks the resulting publicity might save the family business; a small golf course in central Massachusetts. When she finds out the tournament to qualify for the States will be at Willow Bend, she’s psyched; home course advantage should give her a fighting chance. But even at home, being the only girl in the field means enduring the taunts and stares of brainless boys. Even the ones who are your friends can be idiots sometimes.

When a grudge held by a rival player threatens to move the Qualifier to a different course and the boy she loves is accused of the crime, it is up to Kate to discover the real vandal before more damage is done. Can she beat him at his own game and still play her best to get to the States? Or will he drive a wedge (or putter) through the heart of first love?

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