Wednesday, February 19, 2014

SCBWI New York 2014

This weekend, I'll be attending my second SCBWI National Convention in New York City. This is big. There's an amazing roster of agents, editors, authors, illustrators and people who love books for kids.

As the New England SCBWI Conference Chair, I have a little bit of history with planning big events. I know how much work is behind lining up the keynotes. I know how tricky it can be to manage the travel and transportation and hotel accommodations and room set ups and details of each and every faculty member. If it's anything like New England, everyone has a different set of circumstances, so there's some finesse involved.

Managing the details with the hotel, handling the audio/visual, making sure all the nametags are prepared, considering the menu--no one can manage all the details alone. There are a host of people in the background planning the details, making it all look seamless.

So I just want to say THANK YOU in advance for the fabulousness of SCBWI NYC. I know the gala is going to be awesome, registration is going to run smoothly, the breakouts are going to be informative, and the keynotes are going to be inspiring.

I've got my outfits picked out, my pencils sharpened, and my suitcase packed. I've got my business cards, my notebook, and my phone charged. I'm spending three nights away from home, hoping to meet some new friends, have a glass of wine or two with old friends, and get a healthy dose of inspiration.

I owe so much of my writing career to SCBWI -- I'm thrilled to be spending the weekend at a place with like minded colleagues, where I can introduce myself to strangers as an author of children's books.

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