Sunday, June 30, 2013


There are ups and downs in the publishing industry. I started writing children books about nine years ago…and have had my share of both. On Saturday, I had a party to launch my first picture book – WORST CASE OF PASKETTI-ITIS. The day ranked up there as one of the best.

WC of P has had its own shares of ups and downs. I wrote it seven years ago for my daughter who was the pickiest of picky eaters. It went through countless revisions. It’s been workshopped and critiqued and almost retired to the depths of hard drive purgatory. Three years ago, I discovered 4RV Publishing and they seemed like a good fit for my little story about a picky eater. Lo and behold, they agreed!
The book went through a bit more revision and finally, yesterday, we celebrated. I still can’t believe that the room was standing room only for me and my little book.
My family pitched in and helped with sales. My Mom and Dad brought cake and balloons. My Sister brought crafts. It was the strangest mixture of family, local friends, and writer friends. My boss came. My daughter’s classmates came. Members of my Girl Scout troop came. My daughter’s godfather and his family came up from Connecticut.

I did a reading and signed copies of the book. It was surreal to say the least. And wonderful.
Thank you to everyone who read drafts through the years. Thank you to my critique group, the team at 4RV, and my illustrator (LuisaGioffre-Suzuki). It’s extraordinary to finally see my words attached to illustrations. She did an amazing job capturing my vision.
The book has been getting some great reviews on Goodreads…and the contest to win a book is ongoing until July 12, so check it out (click on the link at the right). Or you can buy it here.
My writer peeps, Alicia Gregoire, Heather Kelly, and Ansha Kotyk

The inspiration for the story

2 comments: said...

So happy it went well. You deserve this joy and I wish you many more writing successes!

Ansha Kotyk said...

HUGS! We had a blast celebrating with you!!