Monday, June 3, 2013

New Blog and a Contest--Huzzah!

I am so excited about being involved with a new group blog. It's called Sporty Girl Books and it's unlike anything else out there. I've joined forces with Stacy Mozer, Anna Boll, and Robin Hall and we're focusing on books for girls who love and play sports. 

Here's our press release:

In June 2013, a new blog for girls who love sports will kick off. For too long girls have heard comments such as, "Girls can't play" or "You play like a girl." will be a site devoted to girls (and the people who love them) who love reading, writing, talking, watching, and playing sports.

At SPORTY GIRL, we want to give all girls the chance to love, watch, play, read, and write about the sports they love. We look forward to the day when the words, "You play like a girl," is the best compliment anyone can receive.

The blog is currently operated by four authors—Stacy Mozer, Robin Hall, Anna Boll, and Kristine Asselin. While not all of them are athletes, each of the women write in a variety of genres, and all love to read and write about girls who play sports.

We are looking for ideas about content, so please visit We are celebrating the launch with a giveaway so check the blog to see the awesome prizes.

You can also follow us on twitter @sportygirlbooks or email them at

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