Friday, June 8, 2012

Armchair BEA: The Future of Blogging

Today is the final day of Armchair BEA. I've only been posting since Wednesday because I joined late. And I won a prize yesterday--so Thank You to the organizers! It's been fun. I've had some great comments, met some cool people. Note to self: register earlier next year!

As far as the future of blogging goes...I'm not really sure. And I know that answer makes a terrible post. I guess for me, personally, I'll continue to blog as long as I have something to say. I love that I've met some of my best writer friends online--and that's because of my blog. I love being able to talk about books, writing, and life on my blog in a completely different way than I do on Facebook or Twitter.

I'm interested to see what other people say about the future of blogging. Thanks again to Armchair BEA for giving us a place to participate!

Inspired by the post at Stuck in YA who has some simple tips, I thought I'd brainstorm and come up with a few of my own.

1. I think the most important thing about blogging is to be yourself.
2. Keep posts short enough so that people will read them.
3. Don't overwhelm people with personal information--like the classic "info dump" in a novel, too boring. Pepper your posts lightly with the personal.
4. Commenting on other people's blogs will get them to visit yours--this is hard to do especially if you're busy, I have times when its all I can do to post, let alone comment. But I try.
5. Participate in twitter games, twitter parties--and be appropriate. As you get to know people, you'll create your own community.


Anna Staniszewski said...

Yay, I can comment today! Blogger must like me again. And I feel the same way about blogging. As long as I have something relatively intelligent to babble about, I'll keep doing it. :-)

Kristine Asselin said...

Thanks Anna! I was messing around with my blog last week to try to figure out how to get the "reply to comments" feature work with a custom template. I thought I had it working, but then people couldn't comment at all on new posts. So I've resigned myself to not have that feature. Oh Well!

Michelle Birbeck said...

I like the idea of keeping posts short! It makes it easier to read, esp on certain backgrounds!

Jae said...

That's great advice, especially about keeping posts short. And I'm trying to add more personal touches to my blog, so I like the term "pepper" your posts with them! :)

Rachel said...

Hi! Cool blog! I like the red shoe:D Thanks for the advice. You can see my blog here:

Kailana said...

Great suggestions! Simple and to the point!

Laura Pauling said...

Some of the best blog posts I like though...are long b/c they're sharing useful content. If it's not something everyone want to hear about or care about, then yes, keep it short.

I love seeing how blogging has matured - as in moved away a little bit from the gimmicks of bloated followers and contests and awards. Writers/authors are now using it connect and be there for when readers come looking. I for one love the change. Sure, some people are posting and commenting less but I don't think that's a sign blogging is dead, just changing.

Kristine Asselin said...

I love it how we all have different perspectives! Thanks all for sharing.

Laura--I don't care what the topic is, if it's too long, 99% of the time I don't read it all, I skim. It would have to be amazingly compelling for me to read a blog post word for word all the way through if it's too long. Maybe I shouldn't admit that...

MTeacress said...

I haven't ever participated in armchair bea, but I hear good things. I'm glad you liked it.

Yes, the commenting thing is hard to make time for - especially with an old, slower computer. Strange how 5-6 yrs can be old.

Have a good week. :)