Sunday, April 1, 2012

April is A-Z Month

Last year I successfully completed the A-Z challenge, so I thought I'd do it again. The fact that I'm out of my house and away from my computer for at least ten days in April won't stop me. I'll just set my blogger schedule to post for me. Like an assistant. Or an intern.

If you're visiting for A-Z, hello! If you're a regular visitor, welcome back!

I'm a writer of YA and Middle Grade fiction--I'll try to keep my blog posts semi-relevant to the topic, but...sometimes you gotta go out on a limb for the letter of the day.

I'm so glad it's spring. Happy April! And Happy A-Z Challenge.


Laura Marcella said...

Happy A to Z, Kristine!! It's my second year participating, too. It'll be a fun time! Looking forward to your posts!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristine! This is my first year participating in the challenge.


Katy said...

Knowing that you successfully completed the challenge last year makes me feel a little more confident about my own success this year. Happy blogging, Kris!

baygirl32 said...

this is my second A to Z - I had so much fun last year, I had to do it again!

happy A to Z