Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

Well, actually, not really. I just like to say it. And it's a great old Eagles song.

Anyway, I think everyone's been taking a blog break lately--what with school starting, and random hurricanes, and summer being over.

I know I have not had the time to be a good blog commenter lately -- even though I've been trying to post to my own blog at least twice a week, my content has been less than riveting.

As you might have noticed, I just started a Tuesday blog series called Golf Tip Tuesday--I'll be posting random golf tips, duh. I also think I'll do a contest soon. I've got some extra books kicking around here to give away--still thinking about what to do and exactly when.

I've also been trying to participate in some of the weekly Twitter chats (#mglitchat on Thursdays at 9, for one).

As far as my writing goes--and I have been writing--this summer I logged almost 20K words on a WIP. I'm pondering some new revisions for the novel, and I finished two more work-for-hire projects for Capstone (look for them in January--on Ancient Egypt.)

Remember to Proofread
What have you been up to?


Donna said...

OH my, but that picture is funny. :)

Kelly said...

This is one of the busiest times of year with school starting and my kids 3 bdays in a row. Will be celebrating my youngest's 7th bday on Saturday!
Have a great weekend!

Laura Pauling said...

I agree. It's crazy esp. with soccer season getting underway! Good luck on those revisions!

Ansha Kotyk said...

I love that you put this list together. Things I've accomplished this summer? A first draft in 2 weeks. Sure it's super rough, but I totally didn't think that was possible. Talk about Life in the Fast Lane! :) So glad I could share a summer of drafting with you!

Sophia Chang said...

I hear you on that! I've also tapered off my blogging to about once a week now (it also gives my readers a break, I feel). The summer became super busy and it hasn't totally let up.