Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My YA Life: A Revision Meme

This meme started as an experiment on January 8, 2014 by Kristine Carlson Asselin. The idea is to tell an anecdote from your own young adulthood—and how you would revise the true story if it were a novel. Something true – good or bad – that harkens back to the days when you were the star in your own YA. It can be written however the author wants—no rules, except to include how you would revise the actual event.

Tag five friends to write about their own. Here’s my first entry. If you tweet about it, please use the hashtag #MyYALife. And feel free to tag me, and I'll RT! @KristineAsselin

I’m tagging Laura Pauling, Lisa Maxwell, Jenny Kaczorowski, Christine Duval, and Trisha Leaver.


The arctic blast, polar vortex, whatever-you-want-to-call-the-damn-cold-weather reminds me of his eyes to this day. They were ice blue and even though he looked straight through me every single day—not once really seeing me--one glance and my heart fluttered. My knees went weak. My throat constricted. I had it bad. Crush, Obsession, Lust.  My feelings ran deep.

His voice was a dusky, baritone. It didn’t really mesh with the blonde hair, blue-eyed, slight build. But it was sexy, so it didn’t matter. I probably said less than a dozen words to him after Freshman year. It didn’t keep me from thinking…no, knowing…that he was my soul mate. My one true love. The one for whom I should save myself.

I even named a certain type of weather after him. You know, the bright blue sunshiny day when from your living room looks perfect? But when you go outside the cold takes your breath away and you have to gasp to breathe.

Just like today, in fact. Today is a Jason Day

If I could revise #MyYALife, I’d make the MC bolder. More confident. Able to speak to the object of her affection. Or better yet, I’d make her realize he wasn’t worthy of her affection. I’d make her look again at the sophomore who watched her shyly all during Junior year, and whom she blatantly ignored. I’d make her shake her dream world and live in reality—whether or not her heart got broken—I’d have my heroine take a risk, rather than waste so much time dreaming about someone who was never going to be the right one.

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