Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Bloomsbury Spark Launch List Seven

Today, Thursday, December 19, is Launch Day for Bloomsbury Spark. All of these titles are now available for purchase! 
I have been so fortunate to get to know these fabulous women through my association with Bloomsbury Spark. These are the Launch List Seven. I'm so happy for each of them as they embark on being part of the launch of this great new imprint.

I asked each of them how they planned to celebrate Launch Day for their Bloomsbury Spark debuts. Here are their answers…and links to their websites and goodreads pages for each of their books.

“I am celebrating with a great book blitz that is going on right now with a $50 Amazon gift card giveaway And also, a glass of champagne with some good friends.”

“With Frankie Brown (author of Until We End) at Avid Bookstore! And a book blitz.”

“Partying at Avid Bookshop with all closest friends.”

“Packing to travel the next day & probably some bacon cheeseburgers My book tour, #12daysoffalling, is happening now & I might do something in person in the new year.”

“I'm kicking off 12 Days of Scotland on my blog, getting a massage, and meeting some friends for wine and chocolate that night. The perfect blend of pampering and play!”

“Kicking off my release with a big facebook, twitter and goodreads blitz and shoveling out from this snow storm we're having today!!”

“I'll be packing, and hanging out with the family! I'm excited to travel for the holidays and see family and friends!”


Jen McConnel said...

Congratulations, ladies! Sounds like we've all got some fun plans today! And thanks, Kristine, for having us. Can't wait for your release next year!!

Ashley Poston said...

So glad we're all on the same wild ride together! <3

Christine Duval said...

Same here! Thanks Kristine for hosting us today. I look forward to reading YOUR Bloomsbury Spark debut very soon!