Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Twitter Pitch Contest Advice

There are so many opportunities in the twitterverse for pitching your work, and networking with agents and editors.

Back in May, I participated in #Pitmad organized by Brenda Drake. Over a couple of months, I entered a few twitter contests, and I learned a few things. Since #PitMad is happening again this week, I thought I'd reflect.

1. Have a few different pitches, try to mix them up and space them out.
2. Don't over pitch - it's annoying to others to see YOUR pitch more than once an hour or so.
3. Pay attention to the contest rules.
4. If you don't get tagged or favorited, don't let it get you down. I've had pitches favorited in some contests, and the SAME pitches completely ignored in another. It's all about timing, spacing, and what people are looking for that day.
5. Be supportive of others--RT things you like, and let people know if you like their pitch. a result of that #Pitmad in May, I had a request from Meredith Rich of Bloomsbury Spark. This past Tuesday, I announced the sale of my YA,  THE SWEET SPOT, to Meredith. All as result of that Twitter pitch. Here's the link to my announcement:

So keep on keeping on and Good Luck with your pitches!

UPDATE: Instead of THE SWEET SPOT referenced above, ANY WAY YOU SLICE IT, my YA contemp about a hockey-playing pizza shop-working teenager will be published by Bloomsbury Spark instead. See the announcement here: ANY WAY YOU SLICE IT


Anonymous said...

YAAAAY, Kris! I was so psyched to see your news. It all started with pitmad, people! Congrats again on your awesome news!

Theresa Milstein said...

Thanks, Kris. It's good to know not getting hits on my pitch (like today, so far) doesn't mean it's not worthy.

Again, I'm so psyched for you!

Dana Carey said...

Congratulations, Kristine!!

Robin said...

Excellent advise-esp. about having more than 1 twitter pitch for your book. I hadn't considered that.

And so happy for you and THE SWEET SPOT!

Robyn Campbell said...

Yoo hoo, woo hoo, for you! Super congrads. I wanna be where you are. :-) Thanks for the great advice.