Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Golf Tip Tuesday: Subtlety

When the ball is about a foot from the cup...you're close. So close. You line up the club, you pull the putter back. Your heart beats a little. The wind rustles the trees. Someone takes a breath behind you. And you...hit the ball way too hard and it rolls down the hill on the other side.


Now you've got a harder shot coming back.

We often have the instinct to hit the ball harder than we should. Sometimes, as writers, it's tempting to over describe something. Take too many words to tell the reader something she already knows. Spend too many pages with backstory.

Don't hit the ball too hard. Slow down. Focus. And tap it lightly into the hole. I just love the satisfying sound it makes as it rattles into the bottom of the cup.

1 comment:

Anna Staniszewski said...

Yup, I always do that when I'm playing mini-golf. And probably in writing, too. :-)