Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Balancing Busy w/ Busy

How do you do everything you have to do?

Some days I feel like there are so many balls in the air, there's just no way they are all going to stay up. But they have to. No choice!

I did a school visit this morning. I worked on a revision for a work-for-hire project. Picked up a sick kid at school. Grocery shopped, made dinner, talked to a friend on the phone. I've got a deadline next week, and one two weeks after that. Oh, and then there's the NESCBWI conference (did I tell you guys that I'm on a panel with my Vickie Motter, Kate Messner, Jenn Laughran, Stephen Fraser and Christine Brodien-Jones? Well, yeah, I'm not freaking out about that at all.) And that's not counting the novel revision I'm dying to get back to. You know, the novel. The dream.

I'm not complaining. I love that I've got stuff going on--I've always wanted to be a writer. And, I'm writing. But tomorrow's a work day. A real work day, as in "the day job." If only there were 25 hours in the day. No, then I'd just sleep longer. Maybe another day in the week? A third hand? I know, a clone!

Maybe I need an intern?

Well, how do you guys get everything done?


Kelsey said...

I usually have to cut something out. Decide what my priorities are. Recently I kind of quit my job to make room for school and writing. A bit more drastic than you can probably do, but it worked!

Taryn said...

Swimming. Classes. Homework. Social life. Internship. Editing job. Writing (now a job...gulp). I've learned to let the pieces fall, and usually I can get it all done. But yeah, now that I have Deadlines and Things for my writing, it's a little more daunting.

Laura Pauling said...

I plan out my month - every day I have a list of the things I need to do. But I'm flexible if I don't get everything done. It's not easy, esp. when there are a few balls floating in the air. :)

gail said...

I like the planning the month thing--though I got sick last week and have been having trouble getting back to normal. I had big work plans for last Friday, too.

I'm obsessed with time management issues and have committed every Tuesday of 2012 to discussing it at my blog.

Kristine Asselin said...

Thanks Gail--I need to check out your blog on Tuesday!

So hard when sickness or anything unexpected derails your plans--good luck getting back on track.

Laura--I WISH I had your ability to plot out the month like that.

Kelsey and Taryn--I remember what it was like to balance school with work and family and social life. In fact, every time I have a deadline, I remember what the week before finals felt like. Like how the h*ll am I ever going to get it all done?!?!? But someone you do, and it all works. Good luck to you both!