Sunday, December 4, 2011

Reminder--Children's Lit Meet Up

Reminder about the NESCBWI Meet Up on Tuesday, December 6!

When: Tuesday, December 6, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Aprile's European Restaurant in North Chelmsford, MA
Who: Anyone interested in Children's Books--authors, illustrators, librarians, booksellers, Agents, Editors, get the idea. All are welcome!

We'll be in the bar area--order from the bar, eat dinner, apps or dessert, or just come and chat. No formal program.

Please help spread the word to anyone who might be interested. Hope to see you there!
Heather, Lynda, and Jean from Meet Up last Spring


Anna Staniszewski said...

It's the end of the semester so things are a little nutty, but I'll try to make it. :-)

Kristine Asselin said...

Nutty is pretty normal around my house too. :) Hope you can make it!

Heather Kelly said...

Kris--I'll be there, and will hopefully be bringing a few folks. :)

A minor detail--it says 7pm on this post, but 7:30 on your side bar. Should I try to hurry?

Can't wait to catch up with you!

Heather Kelly said...

I didn't even comment about being in the photo up there. First PW and now Kris' blog. I feel like I've finally MADE IT!

LOL :)

PS, my kids are right now asking me if we can hatch a chicken so that they can have another pet. They are eyeing the dozen in the refrigerator as I type.