Wednesday, June 1, 2011

School Photo Day

KB over at Keenie Beanie initiated SCHOOL PHOTO DAY for blogs. And I decided, it sounded like fun.

Any way, here's my senior picture. :)

And four years later, my college graduation picture. Not sure why I didn't smile. 

That was the closest thing to "big hair" that I ever had. And I was totally blind--but too vain to wear my glasses.  All in all, though, the college one looks a lot like I do now. Anyone want to take a guess how long ago it was?



Laura Pauling said...

I know, so I'm not going to cheat. Great pictures.

Trisha Leaver said...

I'll play. I am going to say late 80's simply because of the "big hair" comment. Those of us who grew up in New England have a special appreciation for the big hair days of the late eighties :)

Anonymous said...

Honey, that is so not big hair. I had a mane. That said, I like your vest. ;-) That is hawt.
Here's my entry. Feel free to be equally snarky. I can take it.

Kelly said...

I am going to guess we are similar ages. So early 90's???
Great pictures, by the way, Chris! You look very sweet in your senior pic, and sophisticated in your college one!

Ansha said...

I know so I'm not guessing either... I should actually hunt down my senior HS pic, I had Jersey girl big hair. :)
You're so cute!! And I think the paisley vest is hottie too!

Talli Roland said...

Aw, aren't you pretty! :) Lovely photos.

Kristine Asselin said...

Trisha and Kelly are both very close. 1990 for the college pic. Do the math yourself for high school, but hint: I have a major reunion coming up.

And I LOVED that vest. :)

Keenie Beanie said...

Hi Kristine - Thanks for linking up and joining school photo day. I'm not so sure you aren't smiling in that college grad photo... it's just a Mona Lisa smile, like you've got a little secret.