Friday, March 6, 2009

The Earth Signs

Who knew that the signs were broken up and grouped by element? Anyone? I didn't. But, now I do!

Honestly there's a lot more to astrology than I thought. It's very interesting. There's less research with this book, but there's more intuitive/creative stuff with this one. I'm writing in a more conversational style, thinking about sidebars and graphics.

I'm having a blast researching which stars are Tauruses, Virgos, and Capricorns! I'm trying to think like a 12 year old girl - which stars will they want to see listed!?!

I may be presenting at the local elementary school for author/illustrator month. I'm excited about the chance to read to my daughter's kindergarten class! I'll be reading one of my picture book manuscripts, not the astrology book!


pudders said...

I am AE on the Blue Board. I am a Taurus as is my husband and daughter. My son is a Virgo and my other daughter a Scorpio. Apparantly, we are all feminine and negative signs. They say that the water/earth signs generally do not mix well with the air/fire signs. If you look at the commonalities in these two groups you can see why.

My boss and I had a great conversation on this today. She was born premature under Gemini but technically is Cancer. She said the people she gets along with best are Taurus people (but we actually are frustrating to most people b/c of our stubborness, introvertedness and artisitic calling.

I'd love to continue this topic if you'd like.

KCA said...

Hi AE! Thanks for the comment! I'm an open-minded skeptic, and my latest writing project is a work-for-hire about Astrology. The research has been very interesting!