Monday, August 18, 2008

Discovering History

So, it's not like anyone reads this blog, right? It's been quite a while since I've updated...lots of excuses -- started a new job, summer activities, blah, blah, blah. I haven't had time to write at all, let alone update my blog, right?

Yesterday, however, I was offered a contract-for-hire opportunity to write a title for Capstone Press' Racing for History series. An actual contract. To write something. Whoo-hoo!

So now, I'll MAKE time to write, as my first draft is due in about 4 1/2 weeks.

I've always loved history, so I'm thrilled to be working on this project. Yeah!


Carol Collett said...

Very cool about the contract! Can't wait to hear how it works out. So how many words to you have to turn in in 4.5 weeks?

Suzanne Lieurance said...

Congratulations! Good luck with this project. I hope you enjoy it and it is just the first of many more!

Suzanne Lieurance
Children's author

KCA said...

Thanks Suzanne and Carol --

My first draft is due in mid-September! Approximately 2000 words! Not much when you consider that I'll be addressing three distinct groups who "discovered" America!

Rachael Hanel said...

My recent contracts with Capstone have had pretty tight deadlines, too. What's up with that? It's a little different than in the past; I've usually been given a little more time to put things together. Oh well, it's good to work under pressure!