A Successful Query Letter

A variation of this query has received multiple requests:


Because you're interested in contemporary YA, I thought you might be interested in THE SWEET SPOT, complete at 73K words.

The blurb: Kate’s world goes up in flames when vandals burn one of the greens at the family golf course and the cops find the “smoking blowtorch” in her crush's car. First Scott withdraws from her and then she finds out the now-damaged course might lose the opportunity to host a prestigious tournament. She suspects her friends, stakes out the bad guy, and gets her hands dirty to prove Scott’s innocence. But it still might not be enough if her Dad's business partner decides to sell the course out from under them.

My publishing credentials include fourteen books for the elementary school library market with both Capstone Press and Abdo Publishing, including Ancient Egyptian Myths (Capstone) in January 2012. Last July, my co-authored YA short story was included TIMELESS: AN ANTHOLOGY OF YOUNG ADULT ROMANCE from Pugalicious Press.
I also have a completed middle grade fantasy about a fairy school drop out who gets relegated to serve on the Toenail Brigade instead of as the more glamorous role of Tooth Fairy. TOOTH AND TOENAIL is complete at 31K words.

Thank you for your time and consideration! The first two chapters are pasted below my signature line. Would you be interested in seeing more?

Kris Asselin

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