Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pausing the Blog

Alas, I do not want to abandon this blog, but I just noticed I haven't updated since July. It's been a nice way to track the journey. However, I'm barely keeping up with my blogging responsibilities at AND, and I'm a host on the weekly twitter chat #mglitchat (Thursday nights at 9 p.m.). Oh yea, and writing. Writing a lot.

And yes, I have a book coming out!

ANY WAY YOU SLICE IT will be out next spring from Bloomsbury Spark. Cover reveal scheduled for early November (stay tuned). Add it to your TBR pile here:

My website is up to date here:

You can follow me on twitter here: @KristineAsselin and here: @QueryGodMother

I hope to get back to being a regular blogger, but for can find me in those other places!