About Me

I've always been a writer--first with short stories in elementary school and then as a tragic poet in high school.  I wrote for both my high school newspaper and my college literary journal. 

I have a BS from  Fitchburg State College (now Fitchburg State University, but I haven't gotten used to that yet).  I wrote a lot of bad scripts for my film classes and loved every minute of it.  My MA is from the University of Connecticut. 

I spent about twelve years as  a student activities professional--for most of my career I was the director of student activities at Brandeis University.  I had a blast every day.  When my daughter was born, I started writing picture book manuscripts like lots of mom writers I know.  The very first manuscript I sent out received a personalized (handwritten) note on the returned pages.  It was enough to hook me on writing fiction for children.  About three years into writing picture books that received nibbles but no bites, I realized my natural voice was more young adult--I'm still working on it!

I'm proud of the success I've had in the nonfiction world.  My nonfiction writing came about after I sent a letter of interest to Capstone Press and was assigned a cool project about the discovery of America.  Capstone is the leading publisher of preK-12 children’s books for libraries and classrooms. I've had the pleasure of working on eight books for Capstone, and hope to continue my relationship with them.

I'm a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and I am available for school visits--contact me for pricing and availability.

I love books--mostly middle grade and YA.  I'm a sucker for a good love song.  And I can't resist an invitation for Chinese Food or Ice Cream.  But not together. 

Fun fact: when I was a teenager, my parents managed a small golf course in central Massachusetts.  It was hard work but loads of fun--I wish I'd had the forethought to appreciate playing free golf back then.  My experiences inspired my YA novel.

My debut YA novel, ANY WAY YOU SLICE IT, will be published by Bloomsbury Spark in Fall 2014.

My picture book THE WORST CASE OF PASKETTI-ITIS was published by 4RV Publishing in October 2013.

Please visit my website at www.kristineasselin.com.

Interviews and Guest Posts:

"As for you and your heart and the things you said and didn't say, she will remember them all when men are fairy tales in books written by rabbits." Peter Beagle, The Last Unicorn.