Saturday, June 6, 2009

Charlotte Cauldron and the Prince of Nevermore

One of my favorite things to do is read. I love books. I've often had the feeling that I've fallen into a book and actually spend time with my favorite characters. Now that my daughter is old enough to share my passion for great characters and stories, we've been reading a lot of middle grade fiction (she's not quite at the reading level to read them herself).

As it happens, a friend's husband is an author. And, as I aspire to someday publish my own work, it's very exciting to know a published author!

John Lance has written a very clever adventure story. Charlotte Cauldron loves her hero Prince Peter and his friends so much that she actually falls into their story, and of course, she saves the day! Who wouldn't love to do that!?! A female heroine who saves the day, a wonderfully evil bad guy, and K's favorite character - a will o' wisp named Frizzleroot: a perfect recipe for a really cool adventure! I also loved a couple of cool inside jokes related to character names and places!

John's book is published by Sam's Dot Publishing and is available at

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rewriting already

My wonderful critique group has given me some hard-to-hear feedback about my pov (point of view) and voice.

I'm working in third person, and while I feel comfortable with that, I want to get closer. So, I'm researching and experimenting with "Close third pov" -- more details, more senses, more showing instead of telling. Which I knew, but need to be better at doing!

Thank you, ladies! My new versions of Chapter 1 & 2 (and now, 3) are much better, and I couldn't have gotten there without you! I'm sure they still need heavy editing, but the story is really starting to shape up. If only I knew how it ended...